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My PhD Project:
Prosody and Focus in Hungarian

I started working on my PhD in Oktober 2019, however, my love for Hungarian started a few months earlier, when I wrote my MA-thesis on Prosody and the Hungarian additive particle -is ('also, too)'. Thus, I was very happy to continue working on this in my Dissertation!

In my project, I investigate if there is additional prosodic prominence marking on top of the (often obligatory) syntactic marking of focus in Hungarian. To do this, I look at two phenomena, where syntax does not suffice to disambiguate between different possible focus domains: complex (modified) NPs and sentences including the additive particle-is ('also, too)'.

If you are interested in my research or if you are a native speaker and interested in helping me with it, feel free to contact me via E-Mail or the contact formular!


Experimentset 1: Complex Noun Phrases

    Production study (published: Langer & Kügler 2021, 2023)

    Perception study A - analysis ongoing

    Perception study B - currently in preparation

Experimentset 2: The additive particle -is ('also, too')

    Production study - analysis ongoing

    Perception study - currently in preparation


This project is supported by the Goethe-University Frankfurt and the DFG (KU2323/4-1).


Workshop “Prosody in Focus – Prominence Marking from Multiple Perspectives”

collaboration with Alina Gregori (University Frankfurt)

This workshop aims to investigate the role of prosodic prominence in focus marking from multiple
perspectives looking beyond what has been found on the general interaction between prosody and focus, and exploring new perspectives on prosodic focus marking.

If you have any questions about the workshop or the Call for Abstracts, please feel free to contact me via E-Mail or the contact formular.

Programm OUT NOW!

Abstract submission: 15.08.2023
Notification of acceptance: 10.09.2023

This workshop will be part of the 46. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft in Bochum, Germany. 28.02. – 01.03.2024. (DGfS; AG 10)


Noun phrases in Finno-Ugric languages (FUNP)

collaboration with Prof. Dr. Anja Arnhold, Dr. Nele Ots & Prof. Dr. Frank Kügler

This project compares the prosodic strategies of focus marking in complex (modified) noun phrases of three finno-urgric languages: Estonian, Finnish and Hungarian.

If you are interested in our research or if you would like to participate in the experiment, please feel free to contact me via E-Mail or the contact formular.

PI Estonian: Dr. Nele Ots (GU Frankfurt & University Tartu)

PI Finnish: Prof. Dr. Anja Arnhold (University Alberta)

PI Hungarian: Corinna Langer (GU Frankfurt)

My supervisor: Prof. Dr. Frank Kügler (GU Frankfurt)

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